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About Us

Mirai Data China Co., Ltd. was established in 2023 with the goal of tackling mobility challenges in China’s rapidly aging society. Located in the High-tech Industrial Park in Tianjin’s Xiqing District, the company aims to build on the accumulated expertise and experience of our group.

We are dedicated to creating unique products using advanced autonomous driving technology. As we expand our horizons in the Chinese market, our focus is on contributing to a sustainable future, while maintaining a deep commitment to the needs of local communities. At Mirai Data China, we blend cutting-edge technology with societal insights to drive progress and enhance the lives of those using our mobility solutions.

To further enhance our technologies and products, we collaborate with local universities, research institutes, and other companies. In doing so, our objective is to develop targeted solutions that promote the safety and well-being of the elderly, development of industrial technology, and contribute to the revitalization of the regional economy.

Our mission at Mirai Data China is to lead the way in creating unique mobility solutions, harnessing the power of autonomous vehicle technology. We aim to address the evolving demands of an increasingly urbanized and aging society. Mirai Data China aspires to be a catalyst for change, shaping a future where mobility is safe, smart, and in harmony with the environment.

Making the most of  the group’s experience of autonomous driving technology, we plan to deliver solutions for elderly care facilities, communities and future smart cities. Mirai Data is building a “Total Vehicle Management” system that provides a full range of services centered on the needs of older people.

Our Group

The European base for our group’s activities in diverse automotive fields.

Autonomous vehicle technologies and control engineering.

Automotive data collection, test driving and project management.

Data Engineering for automotive PLM, vehicle simulation and development.

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3D display and photonics research.

Smart Mobility for All

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No.96 Gaotai Road, Zhangjiawo Town, Xiqing District, Tianjin, China